Use Code DGHT21 for 30% OFF DutyGuard HT & HT+

For over 179 years, Flying Cross has developed solution-driven products to solve industry apparel challenges. As first-to-market outerwear garments designed for wear underneath external vest carriers, the DutyGuard HT and HT+ Pullovers serve public safety professional outerwear needs. Use code DGHT21 to save 30% OFF your next pullover purchase.

Use Code DGHT21 for 30% OFF DutyGuard HT and

DutyGuard HT+ Pullovers.

  1. DUTYGUARD HT (Hybrid Technology) PULLOVER
    DUTYGUARD HT (Hybrid Technology) PULLOVER
    As low as $173.99
  2. DutyGuard HT+ Pullover
    DutyGuard HT+ Pullover
    As low as $198.99

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DutyGuard HT Pullover

Now available in both men’s and women’s, the DutyGuard HT Pullover is a part of Flying Cross’ next generation of duty outerwear. As a first-to-market outerwear garment designed to be worn with an external armor or carrier, the pullover offers increased weather protection while maintaining easy access to essential gear and equipment. In addition, its fleece-lined chest pockets provide the right positioning for hand warming.

DutyGuard HT+ Pullover

The DutyGuard HT+ Pullover doubles down with added weather protection for combating colder climates while maintaining an athletic, lightweight design, fit for wearing underneath external armor carriers. The HT+ adds a fully lined and insulated upper chest and arms for extra weather guard to handle harsher environments yet preserves many of the same revolutionary design elements as the DutyGuard HT. The HT+ is incredibly warm and lightweight allowing for seamless compatibility with external armor, paired with the added protection needed to make dealing with the cold easy.

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