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Care and Maintenance of Your Uniform Garments

Most class A uniforms are made from of 100% wool (trousers), a polywool blend (shirts and trousers), 100% polyester (shirts and trousers), or polycotton blend (shirts and trousers). Many of these fabrications can be easily maintained, even in the absence of professional cleaning , such as dry cleaners. In collaboration with Burlington Raeford, Flying Cross has outlined information below to be used as a guide to help you care for your uniform garments.

Before washing your uniform, Flying Cross recommends separating garments worn outside or potentially exposed to any harmful viruses, bacteria or the like. Do not shake dirty laundry and bag garments separate from other items until you are able to safely wash. Click here to view the Flying Cross laundry bag, a perfect solution for safely separating garments.   

When ready to wash, remove all garments from laundry bag and follow the appropriate washing instructions below. For best practices when handling FR apparel, click here.



Flying Cross polywool blends include: Legend 55% polyester/45% wool (trousers only) and Justice 75% polyester/25% wool (shirts and trousers). Most polywool blends are dry cleaned, but in the absence of professional cleaning services, you can easily maintain your garments by following these rules:

-Always wash your garments in cold water wash on the gentle cycle.
-NEVER add bleach or any type of bleach additives when laundering.
-NEVER add fabric softners or dryer sheets.
-Tumble dry on LOWEST heat setting. This is VERY IMPORTANT to avoid damaging your garments.
-Remove garments when they are slightly damp, or just dry


We are currently collaborating with Burlington Raeford to perform testing on 100% wool fabric. Once complete, we will communicate the best methods to maintaining the fabric. Our current recommendation is:

- Hand wash your wool trouser using Wool-Lite only.
- Hang dry. DO NOT use a machine dryer for your wool trousers.


Our 100% polyester (Command) and polycotton (Cross FX, Cross FX Elite and Valor) programs offer easy care.

- Wash your garments in warm or cold water (avoid using hot water).
- Wash your garments inside out to maintain color vibrancy.
- Tumble dry on LOWEST setting

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