ProX Signature Fit

ProX Signature Fit designed by Flying CrossProX Signature Fit designed by Flying Cross

Women working in public safety often find themselves wearing men’s uniform pants and other garments. Frustrated and feeling disenfranchised, women are left with no other option than to modify male designs, leading to comfort issues and challenges with properly wearing gear. This ultimately impedes the ability to perform and leaves a hampered professional appearance.


After listening to the voice of female public safety professionals, Flying Cross took the initiative to address the concerns in women’s uniform apparel and developed a solution. ProX Signature Fit is a professional fit desired by women designed with the functionality and comfort needed to perform daily. Using 3D metric data collected from women all over the nation, Flying Cross developed a fit that maintains the demanded authoritative uniformed look while improving improper fit at the waist, seat, and thigh. This modern data delivered millions of body scans, creating a platform to take a holistic approach for properly designing garments that actually fit women of all shapes and sizes. ProX Signature Fit gives women in public safety the attention to uniform development they deserve.


We value innovation and continuous improvement, understanding the attention to detail necessary to construct garments that enhance the performance of public safety professionals. The ProX Signature Fit design began by offering a tailored fit allowing women to move and feel better, enriching points of ease in the hip, and eliminating buckling and sagging that result from wearing male designs. ProX Signature Fit was engineered for all-day support, to improve professional appearance, and allow for optimal performance. The development of ProX Signature Fit has expanded beyond uniform pants offering designs in Honor Guard and Outerwear as well.


Experience a fit designed precisely for women. A fit that works with you, not against you. Experience ProX Signature Fit. 

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