Frequently Asked Questions

    • How do sizes run?

      Sizes run true to size. For more information, please look at the reviews from fellow customers for more details.

    • Where do I find the size in my garment?

      Size is located on the white tag near the collar in shirts. In pants, it is typically found near the waistband.

    • Why would I want a fabric that is a poly/cotton blend?

      Polyester and cotton are blended together to add strength, wrinkle resistance and colorfastness to the finished fabric. Most often, this blending is done in fiber form.
      The method of dyeing these fabrics is very important in determining QUALITY. “Easy on – easy off” is the best way to think about dyeing. When coloring Easter eggs the color is easy to get onto the egg, and it comes off easily on your hands. Pressure, temperature, cycle time, dyes and chemicals are used in dyeing fabric. The more that temperature, pressure and chemicals (and the longer cycle times) are used in putting the dyes onto the fabric, the greater the colorfastness achieved.
      It is not apparent when shopping for apparel which use good fabric. Selecting trusted, performance brands is often a good way to go. - Bob Getto, President & CEO Fechheimer/Flying Cross/Vertx

    • How do I know if I can machine-wash items?

      Check your label for care instructions.

    • Which garments are Dry Clean Only?

      Typically products with a high percentage of wool are dry clean only. For example, our Los Angeles Select uniforms are 100% worsted wool and require dry cleaning. Please check inside your label for care instructions.

    • What's the best way to care for worsted wool and poly/wool uniforms like the Flying Cross LA Select and Justice Uniforms

      Most people dry clean uniforms far too often! The most effective maintenance of uniforms to assure a long lasting, good looking, crisp uniform is to avoid frequent dry-cleanings. Perform light cleaning by brushing, spot cleaning and follow these points: A) Brush after every wearing with a soft, firm-bristled brush. B) Hang your clothes where they may breathe. Worsted wool needs air to help it spring back into shape. C) Empty your pockets between wearings. Heavy objects strain the pocket seams and can pull the fabric out of shape. D) Treat stains promptly by spot cleaning. Only use a cleaning agent that is good for the specific stain and safe for the fabric. E) A light pressing is preferred to constant dry-cleaning. This preserves the life and beauty of the worsted wool. F) Store your uniform carefully. Always ensure the uniform is brushed, clean and touched up with light pressure from an iron set on low before packing. Remember even the smallest stain may invite moths. To restore crispness of appearance occasionally take to the cleaner and specifically request that the uniform receive a “light pressing only.” Only dry clean when no other method will restore the uniform. - Bob Getto, President & CEO Fechheimer/Flying Cross/Vertx

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