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Justice and Legend - Polywool Blend Uniforms


Our polywool uniform programs offer the blend of polyester for a superior polish and appearance, with worsted wool for the ultimate in high performance. Flying Cross has two polywool programs for uniform shirts and uniform pants. Select the blend that’s right for you.

  • Justice 75%/25% Polywool – uniform shirts and pants

  • Legend 55%/45% Polywool – uniform pants

On average, our polywool uniform shirts and pants last twice as long as other competing microfiber and polycotton uniforms. That means more money in your pocket for other essential gear and equipment.



No other fabric blend covers the gamut of performance attributes most desired for a highly professional looking, higher performance uniform.


Best Uniform To
Keep Me Cool

Polywool absorbs and wicks moisture so that your body does not over heat and you stay cool

Polywool breathes facilitating the constant flow of air for coolness

Best Uniform For
Multiple Climates

Polywool both wick moisture to keep you cool and its breathable structure creates millions of air pockets that provide thermal regulation

Best Looking,
Durable Uniform

Polywool  is not only static resistant but also wrinkle resistant. The blend of fabrics repel lint, dirt and dust

Both polyester and wool are excellent at maintaining color. In addition, wool has a natural crimp that allows the fabric the ability to flex and recover holding its original shape over time.

Hypoallergenic Friendly Uniform

Because of the blend of high-quality wool, wearers can achieve a high performance, hypoallergenic friendly uniform option without compromising performance


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