From the moment a call is made, to the pre-medical care during an ambulance ride, emergency medical services, EMS, is a full network of responses established to help the public deal with some of the most unpredictable circumstances life sends our way.

Flying Cross takes the guesswork out of finding a uniform that not only performs under pressures of sweat, heat or stains, but offers a tailored comfort that supports your storage and equipment needs and enhances your mobility and range of motion.

For years, emergency response professionals have sought Flying Cross uniforms for their high quality and professional appearance. This level of professional look can increase the confidence level of those you serve, while also building your confidence in the duty at hand. In a fast-paced line of work, ease of movement, airflow and insulation, and visibility are key factors in comfort and safety. Flying Cross uniforms are known for their superior colorfastness, durability against tough, abrasive surfaces, repel technology and fabric retention.

Even when you are powering through a long shift, our emergency medical response offering will help you feel and look your best. From medical technicians, first responders and paramedics, Flying Cross offering a full line of options to suit your needs.

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