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Apparel and Gear for Everyday Adventures

At Vertx, we believe in providing as much function as possible when it comes to clothing, apparel and gear for your outdoor adventures. The key to a successful outdoor adventure is not being limited by the elements. We strive for practical, functional use of your clothing and gear so that you don’t have to worry about what’s next. Whether that’s heat, rain, snow, cold, or a combination of all of them, Vertx has you covered. Our goal is and has always been to allow you to be prepared for whatever is ahead of you, so you can function in a time of need.

Vertx Outdoor Advanced TechnologyVertx Outdoor Advanced Technology

Rain/Moisture Management

We know rain and other wet weather is a part of being in the outdoors, but we also know that you function better when dry. Nearly all our outerwear and bags are all either water resistant or waterproof. All of our bags are DWR finished so that your adventure doesn’t have to stop when the rain starts. We have a wide selection of outerwear options depending on what elements you’re going to be in. Find the one that best fits your next adventure!

Premium Insulation

Fluctuation temperatures are difficult to plan for, but our goal is to give you as many options as possible to stay warm in the cold, while not overheating. We partner with 37.5® to provide Active Particle technology as well as Primaloft® to give you options for insultation weight and usage. Check out our full outerwear collection!

Breathable Fabric

When you’re in the heat, the last thing you want is for your clothing to make you hotter. We have developed fantastic clothing options, in partnership with 37.5®, for you to be able to stay safe, functional and comfortable in the heat. We utilize 37.5® Active Particle Technology in pants, shirts, outerwear and gloves. Check out all of our 37.5® Technology products!

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