In your line of work, the uniform is the first thing people see. It can set the tone for every encounter you have. In a split second it can mean performing at your best, or not at all. That's why for years Flying Cross has been at the center of redefining the uniform, just as decades have redefined your mission. Flying Cross is the leading manufacturer of dress uniforms for the U.S. military and State and Local Law Enforcement; Public Safety shirts, pants and outerwear. 

We offer the widest offering of customized uniform solutions with the largest in-stock public safety uniform inventory in the world.

We take pride in the intricate details, quality and craftsmanship built into our uniforms. We lean heavily on creating solutions driven by the needs you identify as challenges on the job including fabric technology that keeps you cool, dry and control odor, as well as advancements in the design and function of every uniform garment.

We're all about providing features that help keep you safe, control your body's climate, enhance your comfort, and most importantly last for longer wears than other products on the market.

Every uniform worn carries a story of respect, confidence, service and authority. Building upon our core competency of delivering clean, professional uniforms that meet the functional requirements of your mission is important to us. That is the power of appearance.

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