Tough jobs require tough equipment beginning with the first layer of defense in flame resistant apparel and gear. Flying Cross maintains three key focuses for the fire industry (1) exceed the standards for optimum safety, (2) design with comfort with the most cutting edge fabric technology, and (3) integrate function into every garment made. Whether you are about to dispatch, or you are enjoying down time at the station, Flying Cross will always offer reliability teamed up with hard-working durability in our uniforms.

So what sets our uniforms apart from others within the fire safety industry? Careful attention to flame-repelling fibers lends extra protection when you’re on the job, and sharp, professional designs will make you feel proud to represent your department and community. Plus, you’ll love how easily it is to wash and maintain your garments, all thanks to soil and wrinkle resistance woven into every item.Our garments offer:

  • Breathability, even in the harshest conditions

  • Heat resistant, with leading fabric technology from Tencate, Nomex and more

  • Wide variety of colors and sizes to fit every request

Most notable, is our commitment to bringing you the very best safety and protection with our triple certified flame resistant apparel line, Cross FR. This line of uniforms is tested and proven to withstand the conditions of your tough environment for:


  • NFPA 1975 (Emergency Services Work Apparel)

  • NFPA 70E (Flame Resistant Arc Flash Apparel)

  • NFPA 2112 (Flame Resistant Flash Fire Apparel)

We also offer apparel tested to NFPA 1977 (Wildland Protective Clothing and Equipment), as well as an entire line of all cotton protection. Ready to choose a uniform that can stand up to any challenge that comes your way?

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