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Press Release - For Immediate Release

Power Stretch shirts expand Flying Cross’ commitment to innovation 

New shirt design raises the bar for comfort, durability and freedom of movement   

Cincinnati, July 26, 2013 – Creating a truly comfortable, high-performing shirt to help officers do their jobs better was the goal for Fechheimer in expanding its Flying Cross brand of public safety uniforms. With the addition of Power Stretch shirts – available now at authorized distributors – Flying Cross is meeting the market’s need for better mobility, improved comfort and enhanced fit for its top-selling Justice and Command lines of shirts.

The integration of Power Stretch design into performance polyester and classic poly/wool blend shirts demonstrates Flying Cross’ tradition of innovative design improvements for the rigors of on-the-job performance. Breathable but durable color-matched knit side panels provide an athletic cut with just the right amount of stretch for mobility. Factor in strategically placed stretch fabric into the shoulder area, and the result is a novel, functional design found only in Flying Cross brand Power Stretch shirts.

“Our goal is to bring comfort and functionality to the Public Safety market while also helping law enforcement personnel maintain a crisp and professional appearance,” says Bob Getto, President and CEO of Fechheimer. “Power Stretch has added mobility, breathability and a more athletic fit to our line. It’s what our customers want to do their job better. And we’re here to deliver on the promise of performance.”

Adds Dan Balzofiore, Vice President of Sales at Fechheimer, “The shoulder stretch gusset offers full range of motion while also accommodating body armor under or over the shirt. This feature is available only from Flying Cross.” 

Power Stretch shirts also feature specially designed map pockets with low-profile Velcro® for easy access and secure closure.

Flying Cross Power Stretch shirts are now available in men’s and women’s short- and long-sleeve styles and in two fabric blends:  Justice 75-poly/25-wool fiber-dyed in navy and tan and Command Polyester with Milliken Visa® performance technology in navy, tan and white.

For more information about Flying Cross Power Stretch see or contact:


Angela Milligan

Director, Flying Cross Marketing
Fechheimer, A Berkshire Hathaway Company

4545 Malsbary Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242
Phone 513.792.1639  Fax 513.793.7819


About Fechheimer

Fechheimer, A Berkshire Hathaway Company, is a leading authority in uniform systems, performance-wear, and fine uniform garments. We have been manufacturing quality uniforms to serve working men and women for more than 170 years. Our brands include Flying Cross, Vertx, and Precision Uniforms. Fechheimer is based in Cincinnati, Ohio.


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Uniform Tune Up:


The President’s Own Marine Band and the Drum and Bugle Corps Find a New Uniform Manufacturer

Our Flying Cross Military Sales Team and countless others in product development and innovation at Flying Cross have been working on a true American Uniform Story. Read more below:


It isn’t playing for the highest level of state arrivals at the White House which Master Gunnery Sergeant William Browne of “The President’s Own” United States Marine Band feels is the band’s most important duty. “For me, what is most moving is performing at final honors for active duty or retired Marines at Arlington National Cemetery,” said MGySgt. Browne.


“It is an honor to be able to serve those who served when they are laid to rest, to be there for the families and to know that we perform and look our best for them.”


Texas A&M Uniforms at Kyle Field and Stadium  For the nation’s oldest musical organization, performing and looking their best is essential. Nicknamed “The President’s Own” because of its close association with the Presidency, which dates back to John Adams in 1801, the United States Marine Band has 160 members and performs at over 500 events annually. There is also a fall concert tour every year. In 2012 they covered 2,744 miles and 11 states, a rich touring tradition that began in 1891 under its most famous director John Philip Sousa.


“The band has been integral to the national scene in America,” said MGySgt. Browne. “Our history is woven into the fabric of American history. Our main mission is to provide music for the President of the United States and the Commandant of the Marine Corps. Our uniforms are one of the most visual representations of our position.”


The vivid red uniforms, with either black or gold trim, are among the most unique and recognizable in the nation. For a few years, they were almost an endangered species. In early 2000, the company in Georgia that had made the uniforms went out of business. This kicked off what turned out to be a ten year project lead by MGySgt. William Browne, Supply Chief Staff Sergeant Zoraida Rodriguez-Keeton, and others to find a company that could make the uniforms to the Military’s specifications.



 Texas A&M Uniforms on Parade “The President’s Own” sister organization, the United States Marine Drum and Bugle Corps is nicknamed “The Commandant’s Own” for its association with the Commandant of the Marine Corps. The Drum and Bugle Corps is made up of over 80 members who also tour, traveling more than 50,000 miles each year for over 400 events across the country and around the world. During the summer months, the two groups perform together. Both organizations have uniquely distinct uniform requirements and together seeking new uniforms at the same time.


Texas A&M Cadets Uniforms on Parade   Certification officers at the textile and research division at the US Army Natick Soldier Systems Center recommended the team contact Fechheimer Brothers, makers of Flying Cross uniforms, who had been producing thousands of male and female Marine Officers coats each year over multiple decades.


“The team at Natick knew how intricate and difficult it was to produce these uniforms,” said SSgt. Rodriguez-Keeton. “We already knew that with the workmanship entailed very few companies would be up for the challenge. That was quickly confirmed when we started contacting manufacturers to request a sample.”

The team started with a printed binder of uniform specifications that dated back to 1968. “The specs were so old that manufacturing today just does not work that way anymore,” said Phil Looby, Senior Vice President of Manufacturing for Fechheimer. “We supplied Natick with known US vendors of all of the components and Natick staff is in the process of developing updated specs.”


Each garment front of “The President’s Own” uniforms are adorned with 7 rows of intricately shaped braid. Executing the braid application can only be done via hand shaping while sewing the braid. A highly skilled operator can produce approximately 2 sets of coat fronts per day.


 Texas A&M Uniforms

“The process back and forth has been great,” said SSgt. Rodriguez-Keeton. “We share in layman’s terms the problems with the prior uniforms and the team of individuals at Fechheimer and Flying Cross know how to fix each issue.”


In May of 2013, MGySgt. Browne and SSgt. Rodriguez-Keeton of the team traveled to the Fechheimer and Flying Cross headquarters in Blue Ash, Ohio to see the work in process. The visit included a tour of the facilities and meeting the entire team that worked on the intricate braid work of the coat fronts before they are returned to a trading partner of Fechheimer located in Philadelphia for final assembly.


 Texas A&M Uniforms

“Coming here and seeing the folks put together the uniforms,” said MGySgt. Browne, “brings home for us the level of expertise required to make them. We appreciate that it is truly equal to the level we need to display as the band for the White House and for the country.”


The new uniforms for the new century are due to be completed in 2013 and will immediately be put into service at the highest levels of state ceremonies and most importantly put into service at Arlington to honor those who have served our Country.





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Service with Style: Texas A&M Uniform News 

Our Texas Sales Representative Stephanie Rinn recently worked with the world-class Texas A&M University to make their uniforms even better. Check out the story below:

 Texas A&M Uniforms

Texas A&M University was originally established as a military institution in 1876. While participation became voluntary in 1965, the Corps of Cadets has played an important part in its history and development of the university. As a Senior Military College, Texas A&M is one of three public universities with a full-time, volunteer Corps of Cadets. More than 250 of its graduates have become generals or admirals in the armed forces and more Aggies were commissioned officers fighting in World War II than men from West Point or Annapolis.


Texas A&M Uniforms at Kyle Field and Stadium  The 2,200 men and women that make up the Corps of Cadets wear unique uniforms, different from all the other Senior Military Schools. This style is a mix between World War II era uniforms and western wear. The most distinguishable items is the Class A Blouse which is styled after the World War II OD green coat worn by officers and enlisted personnel. Through the years, the coat has undergone design changes, thus departing from the true period coat.


 Texas A&M Uniforms on Parade In late 2010, Fechheimer and Texas A&M started discussing ways to improve the existing Class A Blouse. They wanted a more flattering and universally more appealing jacket for both the men and the women. Because they only issue the uniforms to the cadets on a temporary basis, the garments could not be tailored to the individual cadets. With the help of many people on the Flying Cross Uniform team at Fechheimer Brothers, we were able to come up with both a male and female cut blouse coat that is not only flattering on every body type but also more in line with the original look of the World War II era coats.


Texas A&M Cadets Uniforms on Parade   Fitting and ordering took place in April of last year and the newly redesigned coats were delivered to Texas A&M in October. The cadets wore the Class A coat to a football game at the University which was dedicated to honor military veterans. The school was so pleased with how the coats looked that they opted to have the cadets wear them for the following football games as well.   ~ Stephanie Rinn, Fechheimer Brothers, Flying Cross and Vertx Representative Texas




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